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Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal 2015 Promo
"Announcing, the Best New Way to Create Oohs and Aahs, Envy-Dripping Stares, Folks' Undivided Attention and a Toothful Grin from Your Child... GUARANTEED!"

Raleigh North Carolina Magicians
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Raleigh's Top Magicians - Testimonial
Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal
Chris & Neal's Extravagant Birthday Party Programs Are Sought After By Parents All Across North Carolina.

High-Energy Magicians Raleigh NC Magician"Hilariously fun time today!!! You both were punctual, professional,  hysterically funny & wonderful with the kids of all ages...and the magic was crazy great too, woo hoo! Thanks a million for a fantastic birthday party, one we will never forget!!!!! And yes, you CAN quote me on that ;)"

Karen Campbell - Durham, NC

"They had me laughing so hard I was crying! Just to see all the kids having so much fun made it all worth while. They made sure it was all about Ricky and made him the star of his own party. All the kids had so much fun!" Gena Duprey - Apex, NC

"Chris & Neal Are The BOMB!"
(53 Second Must-See Video)

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*Available for parties in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville & surrounding cities*

Children's Birthday Parties in Raleigh, North Carolina."The Rockstar magic of Chris and Neal performed at my daughters 4th birthday party. They were absolutely AMAZING!! She had a great time, as did all her friends and parents! Chris and Neal were very involved with the kids and the adults. Everyone could not stop laughing! They have amazing facial expressions and some wickedly awesome dance moves!! I HIGHLY recommend them! Anyone looking for a good time and lots of laughs should definitely come to Chris and Neal! So many amazing tricks up their sleeves! 110% happy with the show! " — Amber Fye (North Carolina Mom)

TruTV Stars: Ronnie & Amy Of 
"Lizard Lick Towing"

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Testimonial by Ronnie & Amy of Lizard Lick Towing.

January 2015 Chris & Neal entertained at a private birthday party for the son of TruTV's 'Lizard Lick Towing' stars, Ronnie & Amy. Watch the video endorsement above to hear what Ronnie & Amy have to say about Chris & Neal.

"Magic Shows To Another Level."

"I have to thank Chris and Neal for making my
daughter's 8th birthday so amazing. We are from California and on vacation in the Outer Banks and needed to find entertainment for her party. We chose Chris and Neal's magic show after reading many excellent reviews. Boy, we were not sorry. They take magic shows to another level. We had an audience of all ages and everyone was mesmerized. The birds and rabbit were great. My daughter loved being the star and she even got to levitate. The music kept the room pumped up too. Thanks for making our party memorable." — Reshma Gulati (Los Angeles, CA.)

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Raleigh's Top Magicians - Testimonial
Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal
"Over. The. Top. AMAZING!"

Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal in Raleigh North Carolina.

"I Am NUTS Over Their Talent."

"I am nuts over their talent and performance ability as well as their professionalism. True professionals to the core who know how to PARTY and make the crowd go HHHHEEEEYYYYYY. At one point in the show Chris almost had me in tears because he is an inspiration and a great soul. Neal is to die for, high energy and funny. Overall Iam so happy with the turnout, worth every penny. I want to have them back over and over again just so I can enjoy their performance. My husband and sons also loved it and their faces were priceless. So much joy and happiness in the room it was truly priceless."
Mary Aguilera - Raleigh, North Carolina

- Featured Facebook Reviews -

Facebook Review from magician show at a Raleigh area kids birthday party.


"Carolina's Most Popular Magicians"

Excitement. Energy. Enthusiasm.

The North Carolina based "PeeDee Post" recently titled Chris & Neal as "Carolina's Most Popular Magicians", and their enthusiastic client/fan base seems to agree! Read more information HERE. Chris & Neal performed in Rockingham on October 30th, 2014 at the Leath Memorial Public Library fall event. The turnout, well exceeding 500 children and parents, was more than expected. In fact, many parents were urged to leave the room in an effort to accommodate more children. Clearly, the magic show was a BIG success.

Kevin Spradlin of the PeeDee Post said through the use of their live doves, and rabbit, coupled with "upbeat music and an engaging set of personalities, Chris and Neal helped the audience through the 50-minute show with a flair for the dramatic", Spradlin continued, "Chris and Neal wow the crowd with rockstar magic you have to see to believe." Full Article May Be Found HERE

"Go Big Or Go Home!"

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Chris & Neal - Birthday Party Review
Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal (888) 422-3767
"Tremendously Spectacular, Top-Rate & Passionate Entertainment!"

Raleigh Magician Show from Chris & Neal - Local Raleigh Magicians

"Let me tell you, that was the BEST party ever! The kids as well as the adults were all talking about it the next day. I thank you so much, you made her feel so special, and she loved being able to "float" before her friends eyes. I loved how easy it was to get a hold of you for any questions I had, and how prompt you guys were getting here! Truly "ONE OF A KIND" experience. The only downside? Wish you could have stayed all night!
Julia Perry - Franklinton, NC

Kids Party Magicians in Raleigh North Carolina (Raleigh NC)
The Carolina's Most Spectacular, Incredible & Exciting Birthday Magic Show. Guaranteed!

Simply have Carolina's Most Popular Magicians come and entertain the kids with hilarious comedy, magic tricks, crazy fun-loving jokes & gags geared just for your child and guests.  You’ll love how easy the birthday party is to put on when you have us there. All you do is have cake and ice cream, open presents, host Chris & Neal’s wild comedy magic show and we take care of the rest… you just sit back and relax :-)

Here’s how it works: We come out to where-ever you’re having the party and do our show for you so you don’t have to hassle with...

  • Finding some way to keep 10, 20, 30 or more kids safely entertained.
  • Trying to come up with a bunch of games you and kids won’t find boring.
  • Chasing “pizza-coated” kids around 'Chuck E Cheese' or whatever … nervously trying to keep track of everyone — constantly worrying if you’ve lost a child somewhere in the shuffle.

Doesn’t that sound good? Of course it does! Go ahead, take a deep breath…. breathe easy…. that’s right, our goal is to totally remove the stress from your day  and make this party not only the most fun and fantastic ever, but also oh so easy for you.

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Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal
Birthday Party Review: Fayetteville, NC

Making Memories. One Party At A Time.

Raleigh Magicians for Kids Parties
Enjoy The Experience As Your Child 'FLOATS' In Mid-Air!

Rockstar Magicians in Raleigh NC - Birthday Child

"My son was the star of the show for the first, middle and end! The kids attention was kept the entire way through. It was truly 45 minutes of a show packed with no breaks. It was a spectacular show. My favorite part was my sons happiness and excitement. He was involved with the magic and felt like it was definitely his day, the act was perfect! Kid humor all the way through, so the kids laughed, cheered and yelled "Happy Birthday CJ" until the very end!" Misty LaCount - Fayetteville, NC

Kids in Raleigh after birthday party kids magicians show.
"Unforgettable Experience."

"Thank you very much Chris and Neal. My daughter and her friends had a wonderful time. You are two very talented magicians and also very funny. I was impressed with how organized and professional you were. Thank you very much for the amazing music that had all the children dancing before and after the show. You're a fantastic team and truly deserve the success you are having. Thank you very much for making my daughter’s birthday an unforgettable experience." Elizabeth Soto - Raleigh, NC

5 star magicians in Raleigh North Carolina
"Thanks again for an incredible magic show that made my daughter's birthday very, very special - had a great time and saw some amazing magic. The kids were captivated as well as the adults and we really appreciate how you involve the birthday girl into your routine. You delivered a
high energy professional show, in our home, and at a very reasonable price." Brooks Lester - Raleigh, NC

Watch This Raleigh Magician Video Review
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Raleigh's Top Magicians - Chris & Neal
Raleigh Magicians - Video Feedback
Gold Standard Raleigh NC Family Magicians For Kids Parties
Kids Petting Magician Rabbit at a birthday party in Raleigh NC after Chris & Neal performed their magician show in Raleigh

"A Thrilling & Breathtakingly Incredible Performance - Chris & Neal Are MASTERS Of Party Entertainment!"

Kids Party Entertainers Performing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Magicians
watch-video-testimonial from mother in Chapel Hill North Carolina.
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Raleigh/Durham NC Magicians Party Review
Kids Party & Family Magicians: Raleigh/Durham/Cary
Above: Chris & Neal - Birthday Party Feedback (Fayetteville NC)

Remember, there is absolutely NO shame in throwing the

Local Goldsboro Magicians Chris & Neal Entertain with their magician show at a Goldsboro area event. Goldsboro Magician.

"Chris & Neal's show is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I recently caught their show in Cape Carteret, NC and it was like being at a 'Las-Vegas' type show!!!! They are GREAT with the crowd and we're lucky to have true talent like theirs in eastern North Carolina" 
DJ "Hammer" Bear Radio

Read this amazing review from local area kids birthday party magician show in Raleigh.

Rated 5 Stars by "Mommy Brain Reports"!

Raleigh Kids Birthday Party Magicians Raleigh NC Magician
"Chris and Neal’s show was nothing less than spectacular. They. Brought. Animals! Their music was upbeat, all the kids knew the songs! Chris & Neal’s energy was fantastic! The tricks were engaging, and kept everyone wondering how they did it. Their show was full of comedy, which was totally age appropriate. The illusions that they performed during the birthday party were truly of a professional caliber. The kids AND the parents were all laughing so hard throughout the show. Chris & Neal totally made my girls stars of the show. Both of my girls were able to participate in several of the illusions, including being the “World’s Greatest Magician” and floating in mid air in front of everyone! If you are looking for something new, different, and just awesome for your birthday party I truly do recommend calling Chris and Neal!!! I’ve seen many magicians over the years & no one can 'ROCK your party' like they can!" Monica Brady - Mommy Brain Reports

Comedy Family Party Magicians Raleigh NC Magician

See Your Child Be Transformed Into The "World's Greatest Magician"!

WOW! Amazing Goldsboro Magicians make a live magician bunny from Goldsboro appear in their Goldsboro magician show

"Chris and Neal made our daughter, Ariana's, birthday the BEST birthday ever. They kept the children and the adults ENGAGED and AMAZED. Every part of their show was FANTASTIC! Chris and Neal were extremely nice & made sure the show was all about Ariana. The BEST part was seeing our daughter (who is very shy) participate with ease. The kids and adults were in AWE seeing Ariana float in the air, in our living room!!!! Chris and Neal were perfect in making our daughter's birthday special with everlasting memories. I would DEFINITELY recommend these guys and their furry friends to everyone around. Thanks to Chris and Neal for everything. We had an AWESOME and UNFORGETTABLE time!!!!" Marina Workman

Incredible Raleigh North Carolina Magcian, Nitro Neal, in action.

IMG 1093
"We had the most AMAZING time! Thank you so much for making Maia's birthday incredibly memorable! Chris and Neal, performed at my daughters 5th birthday party. Just can't say enough about how great a time everyone had. Hilarious. Highly recommend. Everyone loved you guys... your show was packed full of magic and comedy. You never lost the kids or adults attention. You guys are the best!!! :) We had an absolute blast! The party was awesome, and the kids are still talking about it!! Thank you guys so much!" Pamela Doucette - Cary, NC Birthday Party Mother

Discover The Single Highest Rated Magicians On The Coast

FACT: Most party magicians show up to a birthday with a briefcase or a small box which contains their entire show. 

SOLUTION: If you want the VERY BEST for your child and you want EVERYONE saying, "WOW!" before the show even starts, you simply must bring the Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal to the party. Chris & Neal will literally transform ANY room into a THEATER. (Yes, they can even set up in YOUR living room.) Take a look at this incredible BEFORE and AFTER from a recent repeat party they have performed at TWO YEARS IN A ROW.

Absolutely NO Card Tricks, NO Coin Tricks & NO Rope Tricks!

In this 50 minute action packed, high energy, explosive magic show that you just can't get ANYWHERE ELSE, Chris & Neal will entertain the kids and all of the fun loving adults. You'll see LIVE ANIMALS (Doves, Rabbits & Parrots) and bright colored props that EVERYONE can see. No boring card tricks or coin tricks in this show! Oh...and let's not forget about the birthday child FLOATING in mid-air. That's right... the birthday child will actually FLOAT!

Lucky Superstar Magician Performs with Chris & Neal in Cary North Carolina near Raleigh Magicians.
"I can't thank Chris and Neal enough for giving my daughter such a wonderful birthday party. It was fantastic! All of these kids, I don't think they wanted it to stop. They came out and there were animals! This was SUCH A CLASS ACT! The kids were going crazy with the animals just coming in and out. They had doves, they had rabbits, it was beautiful. I think the highlight definitely had to be when they made her float. I don't know, it was just one of those things that will make you tear up, to see exactly how excited your child is. It was just wonderful wonderful and I can't thank them enough!" Gena Lee - Raleigh, NC
Raleigh Family Party Magicians and Entertainers Raleigh NC
Raleigh Party Magicians Fayetteville NC Family MagiciansIf your child & guests do not have the best birthday experience ever, you don't pay! That's right....
You can tear up your check!!

No need to worry though, no one has ever asked for their money back ;)

"Thank you for a great show! I sat in the front row with the kids and they all were amazed. The rapid movement of the show with trick, after trick, after trick, with funny bits-in-between and thumping fun music kept the entertainment level high for the entire 45 minutes. The parents and kids were talking about the show all day. And one of the boys yelled, "This is the greatest day of my life!" Thanks for a fantastic performance!!!!! You both are true showmen." Cori Vaughn

"So EASY For A Busy Mother..."

"As the mother of these two girls I have to say that 
Chris and Neal were FANTASTIC. Not only did they require NO help with set-up and tear-down but they made party planning SO easy for a busy mother. The children's attention was held the entire show. The interactive nature of Neal and Chris really captivated the children...and the adults! It was definitely a party for all ages. Everything was extremely appropriate and they offered an encouraging message throughout the show that any parent would appreciate. Great guys, great show, great price...GREAT JOB!!!"- Sarah Ames - North Carolina

"When faced with the “what to do for the next birthday party” question, we found magicians Chris & Neal on the internet... they were FABULOUS! (high-energy, positive, engaging, age-appropriate). HIGHLY recommended! You were awesome. Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did at the party. You were so positive and upbeat and did a GREAT job! It meant a lot to us to be able to give our son an awesome party." Alexis Franzese

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Contact Chris & Neal For Your Child's Birthday Party In Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Garner Or Any Other North Carolina City. Chris & Neal Are The Raleigh Area's Leading Kids Party & Family Event Magicians/Entertainers. Chris & Neal are also Thumbtack verified family magicians. Chris & Neal regularly entertain for family parties and events across North Carolina from clients who trust the online reputation created for Chris & Neal by trusted businesses such as Thumbtack, GigMasters & GigSalad.