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"Finally, a School Assembly Program That's Guaranteed To Be Amazing, Impacting, and Astounding"

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We know budgets are "disappearing" and that is why we bring the field trip to you. Students are working very hard and they need a break from the day-to-day class work. When you bring in one of Chris & Neal's assembly programs your students will be entertained with dazzling, jaw-dropping, incredible magic; but at the same time they will be LEARNING.

Chris and Neal deliver a wide-variety of themed assembly programs including ant-bullying, self-esteem, reading, science, etc. Below is a video review from an elementary school in Wilmington, NC who hosted two anti-bullying assemblies (K-2 and 3-5). Chris and Neal spoke to the students about what exactly a bully looks like, how to deal with bullying, why not to bully, the importance of good character, respect and much more.


Letter of Recommendation from Eastern Carolina's Famous Mike's Farm

Magicians for Libraries in Raleigh NC
Our elementary school shows are unique in that we pride ourselves on truly getting the kids involved in the show! All the children present will get to help out, not only from their seats, but many will actually come up and help us create the magic. High intensity magic at it's finest - prepare to SMILE!

"Students And Staff Are STILL Talking About It..."

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Chris and Neal at our school. They were great magicians and had a lot to offer us in the hour that they were at our school. Students and staff are still talking about some of the tricks they did. For one of their tricks they made one of our students FLOAT! The student was so amazed that she went home and told her family and they wanted pictures. We look forward to booking them again next year." Kristie King - 
Comfort Elementary School

Childrens Magicians Cary NC Magician
If you’ve seen other magicians, you’ve probably see them do the same old cheesy card tricks and lame “magic” that everyone has seen before. Well, that just doesn’t work anymore - it's the 21st century! Your kids are smart and well-rounded, and having a magician just put a coin in his pocket when he thinks no one is going to see it, is well, BORING.

All of the magic in our show is innovative, unique, and HIGH-ENERGY. Quite simply, other magicians cannot hold the attention of young students like Chris & Neal can. Why? Because their show has been tested for YEARS to create the maximum impact! - Their
experience tells them exactly what kids are into and what excites them!

Raleigh North Carolina Party Magicians - Chris & Neal
Imagine, at the end of the show, your students will leave in total amazement and with a positive message about how they can do anything they want in life. And one of your students will 'FLOAT' in mid-air, something your school will never forget.

Explosive Magicians in Raleigh NCOur assembly programs range from 45-60 minutes depending on your specific needs. Many schools have us for our “just for fun” magic shows for daytime rewards and evening family night shows. Also, if you’re interested, we can present a different show with your school’s emphasized themes, i.e. bullying, saying no to drugs, reading, self-esteem, etc.

Most Popular Assembly Programs:

No Bully Zone
Dig Into Reading
Science Ready
Be A Hero
Dream Big

We are looking forward to working with you on creating the dream event program for your elementary school. Please give us a call at the number below, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

888 - 422 - 3767

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