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Carolina's Top Rated Magicians Perform In Chapel Hill, NC
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Carolina's Top Rated Magicians Perform In Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill North Carolina Magicians
Top Rated Chapel Hill Magicians:

If You'd Like To Do Something Both Magical AND 100% Family-Friendly for Your Next Chapel Hill, NC Event -- Then Here's How You Can Do It With the Least Amount of Hassles...

The Chapel Hill NC dynamic duo of Chris & Neal have been nicknamed the Carolina's Leading Family Magicians. With their laughter-packed interactive magic and explosive energy; along with their doves, bunny and parrots, nothing short of a sure-fire exhilarating experience is guaranteed. Your favorite Chapel Hill magicians will keep the audience on the edge of their seats with a high-energy, pulse-pounding performance that will bring down the house. You simply do not want to miss an electrifying event with Chapel Hill magicians Chris & Neal.

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Chris & Neal - Video Review: Chapel Hill, NC
Birthday Party Ideas Chapel Hill NC
"Thanks Chris and Neal for the super-fun magic program! You packed the room full of excited summer readers. I truly appreciate the level of professionalism and the high quality of programming you delivered. Your relationship to the audience was a hit! The live animals, science facts, and rockin' soundtrack kept the audience amazed, astounded, engaged and enthusiastic! An outstanding performance!" — Keith Hayes

"Thank you so much for the awesome program you presented for our library families. They not only were entertained but you seamlessly wove in science in such a fun way that kids were learning even as they had fun. You know it is a good program when the adults leave the computers to come over and check out what is going on! Thanks again and I can't wait until you are able to come back and see us again!" — Melissa Orthner

"What a pleasant experience it is to work with “The Rockstar Magic of Chris & Neal”. They bring an excitement and energy that is caught by kids of all ages. The illusions they perform are amazing and professionally done and always relate to the themes we need at the libraries. Our audiences are never ready for the shows to end. Nitro Neal and Chris Rock-It are true to their names when they deliver their explosive shows. This duo is always a must for our Summer Fun Programs." - Julia McPhearson

Chris & Neal are FULL TIME professional children's comedy magicians and educational entertainers in Chapel Hill NC who specialize in making events fun and exciting for all. With over a decade of experience in the Chapel Hill NC area entertainment business, Chris & Neal have performed at hundreds of children's events making their magic shows a family favorite with kids and adults.

Did you know: The Overall Success of Your Event Hinges On You Hiring the Right Entertainment!" So, make sure to pick the best Chapel Hill NC magician for your family party or community event.

It's scary but true. Hiring the right entertainment for your summer or holiday events can mean the difference in a success or a total disaster.

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Chris & Neal - Video Testimonial

Best Magicians North Carolina Kids PartiesHire the wrong magicians in Chapel Hill NC and your event will be a flop. Hire someone who offends members of your audience and it's your establishments reputation on the line. Overpay for a sub-par family magician in Chapel Hill NC that's "so-so" at best, and all eyes will be looking at you.

Every act, performer or team is unique, and like any profession, there are magicians in Chapel Hill NC who are great, some who are good and many who should never be allowed on stage!

You need to base your entertainment selection on the performer who will best fulfill your needs and help you create that lasting impact on your audience.

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Carolina's Top Magicians

"I am nuts over their talent and performance ability as well as their professionalism. True professionals to the core who know how to PARTY and make the crowd go HHHHEEEEYYYYYY. At one point in the show Chris almost had me in tears because he is an inspiration and a great soul. Neal is to die for, high energy and funny. Overall Iam so happy with the turnout, worth every penny. I want to have them back over and over again just so I can enjoy their performance. My husband and sons also loved it and their faces were priceless. So much joy and happiness in the room it was truly priceless." Mary Aguilera - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Let me tell you, that was the BEST party ever! The kids as well as the adults were all talking about it the next day. I thank you so much, you made her feel so special, and she loved being able to "float" before her friends eyes. I loved how easy it was to get a hold of you for any questions I had, and how prompt you guys were getting here! Truly "ONE OF A KIND" experience. The only downside? Wish you could have stayed all night!" - Julia Perry 

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Birthday Party Video Review: Chapel Hill, NC
The Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal (888) 422-3767 Raleigh Magicians in Raleigh NC
"Recently I booked 'Chris & Neal' at our family entertainment center, Mac Daddy's. Our facility is a 37,500 sft entertainment center and they had it filled with smiling faces of children in awe. Several times I looked into the audience and I couldn't be more pleased with the 'oohs and the ahhhs' rising from the crowd. The children were mesmerized by the magic and the adults were equally entertained by the flash of fire and the breeze of the doves wings. We will definitely book 'Chris & Neal' for future events" Connie Nolter - General Manager

Family Magicians in Chapel Hill, North CarolinaChris & Neal are both professional grade "rock-star" magicians with years of successful programs, parties, summer camps & schools in their portfolio. Their exceptional spectacle has traveled through the great Carolinas and in many locations right here through Chapel Hill, NC.

With loads of regular, repeat and delighted clients all through Chapel Hill NC, you're sure to experience a program that you will not soon forget!

So, you've decided to plan a fantastic birthday party for your son or daughter this year that you want them remember for a lifetime. In today's day and age, it's difficult to keep children entertained... especially groups of them. How do you decide on a clown, a bounce house, a Chapel Hill magician, juggler etc? So many choices, so little time.

"Chris and Neal’s show was nothing less than spectacular. They. Brought. Animals! Their music was upbeat, all the kids knew the songs! Chris & Neal’s energy was fantastic! The tricks were engaging, and kept everyone wondering how they did it. Their show was full of comedy, which was totally age appropriate. The illusions that they performed during the birthday party were truly of a professional caliber. The kids AND the parents were all laughing so hard throughout the show. Chris & Neal totally made my girls stars of the show. Both of my girls were able to participate in several of the illusions, including being the “World’s Greatest Magician” and floating in mid air in front of everyone! If you are looking for something new, different, and just awesome for your birthday party I truly do recommend calling Chris and Neal!!! I’ve seen many magicians over the years & no one can 'ROCK your party' like they can!" Monica Brady - Mommy Brain Reports

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Chris and Neal: Christmas Magic Show
The Rockstar Magic of Chris & Neal - Christmas Program Review for the 2013 "Christmas is Love" major production show in Rockingham, North Carolina. Chris & Neal are full time professional family magic...
Kids Entertainers in Chapel Hill, North CarolinaWe have compiled some highly valuable information here to help moms and dads out when planning children's parties all through the Carolina's.

Anytime you are hiring specialized entertainment in Chapel Hill for any event it's very important to have some set "specialized" qualifications that you're looking for. The last thing you want to do is leave the party up to chance and schedule the first Chapel Hill magician or entertainer you find. It's important to do some research, to ask lots of questions and really invest some time into finding that ultimate kids party entertainer in Fayetteville.

"Chris and Neal made our daughter, Ariana's, birthday theBEST birthday ever. They kept the children and the adultsENGAGED and AMAZED. Every part of their show was FANTASTIC! Chris and Neal were extremely nice & made sure the show was all about Ariana. The BEST part was seeing our daughter (who is very shy) participate with ease. The kids and adults were in AWE seeing Ariana float in the air, in our living room!!!! Chris and Neal were perfect in making our daughter's birthday special with everlasting memories. I would DEFINITELY recommend these guys and their furry friends to everyone around. Thanks to Chris and Neal for everything. We had an AWESOME andUNFORGETTABLE time!!!!" Marina Workman

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Chris & Neal: Summer Camp Magic Show
Chapel HIll Family Magicians and Kids Party EntertainersChildren these days can't be entertained with just a small bag of coin or rope tricks. They have iPads, play stations, kindle tablets and much more. They require a lot to be captivated. That's exactly what Chris & Neal deliver on a regular basis to hundreds of clients every year all through the Carolina's. Chris & Neal leave parties with the kids BEGGING for more! They have the children enthralled from get go... the beginning, middle and end of their party magic show is crafted to create supersonic levels of excitement that quite frankly, you might just have to see to believe.

During your search for the ultimate party magician in Chapel Hill we do have a few key ideas we would love for you all to keep in mind:

Educational School Entertainers Chapel Hill, Raleigh NCFirst, you really want to make sure that if you are planning a birthday party that you schedule talent in Chapel Hill with a fantastic track record with hundreds of delighted clients - not just any clients though. You're looking for someone with laser sharp focus on squeaky clean "family" entertainment in the Chapel Hill community.

So, make sure to be asking all considered Chapel Hill magicians, clowns, jugglers etc for reference letters, written testimonials of recommendation, as well as video testimonials. The best family magicians from Chapel Hill around will have loads of moms and dads standing behind their back with rave reviews of how incredible a magic show and party they experienced.

"I can't thank Chris and Neal enough for giving my daughter such a wonderful birthday party. It was fantastic! All of these kids, I don't think they wanted it to stop. They came out and there were animals! This was SUCH A CLASS ACT!The kids were going crazy with the animals just coming in and out. They had doves, they had rabbits, it was beautiful. I think the highlight definitely had to be when they made her float. I don't know, it was just one of those things that will make you tear up, to see exactly how excited your child is. It was just wonderful wonderful and I can't thank them enough!" Gena Lee - Raleigh, NC

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Birthday Party Magic Show Review
Carolina's Top Magicians: Chris & Neal

Christian Magicians and Family Gospel Entertainers in North CarolinaAlso, pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case, a picture might just be worth your business. Make sure when searching for the perfect local kids party entertainer you are looking for lots of ACTION PICTURES! This right here is critically important. I'm guessing, that you are searching for a magician in the Chapel Hill area who has been around the block a few times. Someone who has the experience to really deliver that over the top dynamic party experience to your friends and family attending.